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Country style Boerewors 500g
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R 129.99
Zumbani teabags 62.5g
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R 62.99
African Basket Plastic bag
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R 1.49
Royco Usavi Mix Beef
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R 11.99

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Get The Taste of Home with African Basket

No matter where you are, when you travel or move, the one thing that will draw you back to your roots is the taste of home. African Basket was born of this exact feeling, the love of the sights and sounds, tastes and feelings of what is closest to our hearts. Home.

Through carefully selected products, we bring the Taste of Home to life for people all over South Africa and the world in both physical shops around South Africa, and through our online and social experience that carries us all home, whatever home means to us. We currently have 15 stores around South Africa, but as we grow, we know we will grow this community, one new store opening at a time. We encourage you to keep checking on our Store Locator for new stores that might come closer and closer to where you are.

At African Basket we want to welcome you to a home where you can be yourself, eat what you want, speak in your tongue, sing along to a familiar song and interact with people from all walks of life who, like us, are here to feel at home.

Mauya, Takulandirani, Siyalemukela, Karibu, Welcome to The Taste Of Home.

Words from the community

“Respect to team Cape Town for the services, warm welcome, good music etc. Keep it up!”

Charles Mashingaidze
Words from the community

“Nice move, kurangarirwa neZim urikuneimwe nyika munotigonera imi hamumiriri tidzoke munongotiigira takamirira kudzoka zvedu”

Hardlife Tsambayi
Words from the community

“Thank you guys I bought Umgaiwa and it tastes good!”

Marvelous Dube
Words from the community

“I’m enjoying this shop here in Pretoria Sunnyside”

Shorayi Albertinah Chimutanda
Words from the community

“Thank you for yours customer care, you are so caring and friendly. I’m your regular, happy customer. I love you guys! Keep it up.”

Rebecca Gwenhure
Words from the community

“Best store ever! Thank you and the service is awesome!”

Tino Chatindo

So much more than just a store, explore The Taste of Home

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