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Country style Boerewors 500g
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R 129.99
Zumbani teabags 62.5g
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R 62.99
African Basket Plastic bag
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R 1.49
Royco Usavi Mix Beef
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R 11.99

Where our products are made

What we love

Our products come from all corners of the African continent in order to ensure that your basket is always full and your table is always set, your homes are a little bit more welcoming and your atmosphere a little more genuine- just like home. We serach all coreners of the continent to bring you not only brands you love, but foods from the fields of the farmers you know and trust, to make you feel at home.


As you look through our brand page, you are sure to find a growing list of brands you have seen through your childhood and beyond. Our brand page bears testament to our promise to always make sure you have the products you have always trusted. From big names such as Mazoe from Zimbabwe, to Mama’s and Mr. Sauce, we search for all brands that bring the authentic taste of home. Our current brands all hail from Zimbabwe, which is well known for premium food brands through out Southern Africa. This is soon to change in the near future as we continue to serach high and low for the tastes that you will know and love.

Authentic Fruit and Vegetables

We have partnered with many small farmers and gatherers in Zimbabwe to bring you the flavours that make your heart melt. From flaky sweet potatoe to sweet and unique mazhanje, from covo and rape to flavourful and ripe tomatoes, we seek out local and national farmers who grow your produce just the way you know it. We love to have fresh sourced foods that delight your taste buds, bringing home that much closer.


We have developed the taste of home in our very own viscinity and partnered with farmers who rear their animals in traditional ways across the country. With our range of tripe and hardbody chicken, you are sure to find your flavour. We source only the best in Bream and fresh as well as dry capenta straight from Kariba, bringing the taste of the mighty Zambezi directly to your door.

At African Basket we thrive on bringing you the freshest, most unique tastes that give you The Taste of Home you know and love.

Mauya! Welcome home!

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